Buzludzha-Monument.com is a non-political, non-profit website dedicated to sharing information about the Buzludzha Memorial House in Bulgaria. This website has no connection to the Bulgarian government – the current owners of the monument – but in the absence of any kind of official online platform for the monument, this remains the closest thing Buzludzha has to an official website.

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About the Team

Launched in June 2016, Buzludzha-Monument.com is a collaboration between Richard F. Morten (University of Central Lancashire) and Dora Ivanova (Buzludzha Project Foundation). Richard created the website and uses it as a platform to share his research into Buzludzha's past; meanwhile, Dora contributes news on behind-the-scenes developments, as well as presenting her design proposal for a fully preserved Buzludzha monument.

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Dora Ivanova is a Bulgarian architect leading the initiative for Buzludzha’s preservation. She founded the Buzludzha Project Foundation in 2015: to campaign for the building’s conservation while raising awareness and support among political and professional communities, the media and the general public. The foundation contributes towards a comprehensive reassessment of the monument and its socio-economic value.

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Richard F. Morten is a British PhD researcher with the University of Central Lancashire. After visiting Buzludzha during a holiday to Bulgaria in 2007, he became fascinated – revisiting many times, compiling historical data and meeting with the monument's architect. Since then he has led tours to Buzludzha, and shared his research extensively both in print and online. His doctorate explores the future tourism potential of the site.

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