Please consider making a donation
to the Buzludzha Project Foundation.

The Buzludzha Project Foundation is a non-profit organisation with just one goal: the conservation of the Buzludzha Monument as an educational site of national heritage for Bulgaria. Your donation will support the Foundation with the huge amount of work which that involves.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Culture has begun the process of listing Buzludzha with national heritage status, and right now we are in the first stages of forming a conservation plan for the monument. Work will soon begin on forming a comprehensive Building Information Model (BIM). This process will involve laser scanning of the structure, compiling and updating original plans and records from the Buzludzha archive, as well as conducting material samples on the concrete and steel skeleton of the monument. By September 2020, the information collected will form the basis of a detailed report. Provided there are no unexpected structural problems, that report, beginning in late 2020 and funds allowing, can then be used to inform a full architectural conservation of the Buzludzha Monument.

We believe that Buzludzha deserves to be preserved for future generations. Your donation, however small, will go straight into funding that mission.

Thank you.