The Buzludzha Monument made its debut on the silver screen this year, with an appearance in the latest Jason Statham action movie, Mechanic: Resurrection.

According to the reviews, this is not a particularly good movie – it scored just 26% on Rotten Tomatoes – but fortunately, you don't need to sit through the whole thing to see the monument's starring role. Just take a look at this trailer instead:

The monument makes two appearances, and it seems to have had a couple of alterations made. For a start, it's no longer on a mountain – instead appearing at a new seafront location. That helicopter pad on the roof is new, while the second scene reveals what looks to be an aquatic tunnel leading into an underground complex beneath the saucer.

Despite these additions though, the digital FX team still haven't removed the 'Enjoy Communism' graffiti from the front wall – as you can tell from the two still images below.