An open-air exhibition in Kazanluk has treated the public to a celebration of the Buzludzha Monument – as captured by photographers from around the world.

The town of Kazanluk is located just 20km from the monument, and citizens here have grown up in the shadow of the saucer... it's visible from all over the town, a shadow overlooking them from the mountain peak. Many have never seen it like this, before: captured in all weather conditions, lit with electric light and bursting out of the frames of vibrant, colourful, emotive photographs.

Alongside more recent photographic works, archive images were made available to chart the dramatic rise and fall of the monument, leading up until the present day.

Public opinion here is important, in the town closest to the monument itself. As the Buzludzha Monument still currently falls under the local management of Stara Zagora municipality, it seems that capturing the imagination of local citizens, showing them the internationally-recognised value of this place, might be a crucial step towards any eventual agreement to restore it.

Architect Dora Ivanova was in attendance at the the exhibition, to present her vision of a restored Buzludzha to the crowds – and the response was positive, with many of the people of Kazanluk excited by the prospect of restoring to their community such a unique treasure of world architecture.