Over the past year, Buzludzha has been gaining an increasing amount of publicity in the national press – some of it focussed purely on the monument itself, but a lot of these articles discussing the potential future of the Buzludzha Project.

Here you'll find an overview of some of the various stories published by Bulgarian media in the last 12 months.


29th May 2015 / CityBuild

"Let Us Objectively Evaluate the Monuments of the Past"


1st August 2015 / BNR

"Bulgarian Student in Germany Defends Thesis for the Restoration of the Buzludzha Monument"


18th August 2015 / Trud

"German Professor Wants the Buzludzha Saucer to Gain UNESCO Protection"


18th August 2015 / Nova

"Buzludzha and Dimitrovgrad to Gain UNESCO Protection?"


20th August 2015 / BNR

"Buzludzha Monument to Obtain the Status of a Monument of National Importance"


21st August 2015 / CityBuild

"The Preservation of Architectural Heritage is a Measure of Enlightenment"


26th August 2015 / BNT

"Socialist Heritage – Heritage at Risk"


18th November 2015 / Zakazanlak

"Architect Dora Ivanova: 'Buzludzha has Huge Potential to Become a Protected Architectural Masterpiece'"


12th December 2015 / Trud

"Buzludzha Saucer to become a Museum of National Memory – Here's How"


3rd January 2016 / BNT

"Buzludzha Monument to become National rather than Party Monument"


25th February 2016/ Economic

"Brussels Supports the Project for the Buzludzha Monument”


17th March 2016 / KAB

"Exhibition: 'Buzludzha – Memory of Time'"


2nd April 2016 / Capital

"Create your Future"


24th April 2016 / 24 Chasa

"26-year-old Architect Reworks the Buzludzha Saucer as Monument to National Memory"


5th May 2016 / BIT

"Young Architect's Proposal for Buzludzha to become a Monument of Bulgarian History"


9th May 2016 / BNR

"Buzludzha – Memory of Time"