The Buzludzha Monument is no stranger to music videos. Over the years it has been used by various bands from around the world, all looking for the perfect otherworldly backdrop for their promotional clips.

This new video uploaded by Berg Audio takes it in a new direction though, finding a resonance between Buzludzha’s clean concrete curves and the stripped-back sound of dub techno. It features the track ‘Time Lapse,’ by Swiss-based artist Idealist, reinterpreted here by producer Sven Weisemann.

Nikita Legki at Berg Audio told us how the project evolved. 

“Berg Audio is a dub techno label finding its inspiration in the lost monuments of the Soviet era. For every new release, a different monument is selected for the cover artwork of the vinyl. It's my job to find the right monument, and the remixers that will make this package look and sound great. The monument is then reinterpreted by Juli Jah, a Berlin-based graphic artist.

“Sven Weisemann did an excellent job with this deeper version of Idealist's track. He added a lot of elements to it and it became a real story, more than just a club music track. I decided we needed a clip for it – and sent a friend to film and edit it.

“I always felt like dub techno music fits to nature, and these monuments often appear lost in natural surroundings. It gives them a special character and story. For me, this remix was the perfect soundtrack to Buzludzha.”


Check out the video by Vytautas Adomaitis (aka Zelim Eight), and see for yourself.