We are delighted to reveal that Europa Nostra – Europe’s leading heritage preservation organisation – has declared Buzludzha to be one of the most significant examples of endangered heritage in Europe. You can read their announcement here, or watch the promotional video below.



Last year, the Buzludzha Project Foundation submitted the Buzludzha Monument for consideration in Europa Nostra’s ‘7 Most Endangered’ programme. In January this year we announced that the monument had been picked as one of 12 finalists. To now have the monument recognised as one of the top seven endangered heritage sites in Europe, is a very exciting development.

Dora Ivanova, of the Buzludzha Project Foundation, gave the following statement:

"I am pleased to announce that the Buzludzha monument has been listed as one of the seven most threatened sites in Europe for 2018, as featured in the ‘7 Most Endangered’ programme run by Europa Nostra in cooperation with the European Investment Bank Institute (EIBI).

"The programme is updated every two years, identifying and helping to preserve the most valuable cultural sites at risk in Europe. Europe Nostra is the leading and most representative heritage organisation in Europe, and is funded by the EU. It covers 47 countries and its members number over 5 million people.

"This result is deeply significant. It signals an objective assessment from one of the most highly respected cultural heritage organisations in Europe, declaring that the Buzludzha Monument should be preserved, as it is valuable, not only to the region or to Bulgaria alone, but as a site of European Heritage.

"This news places Buzludzha into the European spotlight for 2018, a year designated as the European Year of Cultural Heritage and moreover the year in which Bulgaria assumes the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The Europa Nostra programme is not intended to point fingers at problems, so much as to offer a helping hand – one that in this case could encourage Bulgaria to end the neglect of Buzludzha and look instead towards preserving the monument.

"Europa Nostra and the Institute of the European Investment Bank are ready to assist in any way possible. Their experts, together with other partners and the nominators, will visit the selected sites and meet with key stakeholders in the coming months. These multidisciplinary teams will provide technical advice, identify possible sources of funding and mobilise wide support to save this landmark. The specialists will formulate feasible action plans for the listed sites by the end of the year. 

"Having volunteered many hours of work towards the preservation of the monument over the past four years, I am convinced that this is a unique opportunity for Bulgaria, and one which we cannot afford to miss."