If you want to support the Buzludzha Project, you can do so by sending a donation to our bank account:


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'Buzludzha Project' Foundation
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'Buzludzha Project' Foundation
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Why are we raising money?

The short answer: Because this is a massive project, and we need all the help we can get.

For us, the work has already begun – we're making websites (like this one), raising publicity, building public support and applying to heritage funds. We are working hard to get this project in front of as many people as possible.

So far the work of the Buzludzha Project Foundation has been largely self-funded... but with your help, we can take things further. We can make more noise. And with a bit of luck, we can actually save this wonderful monument.

We would love to be able to tell you that all donations will go straight into fixing up the monument – but the truth is, we're not quite there yet. Before we can get this project started, we need to convince policymakers in Bulgaria that it's a worthwhile cause.

To gain their approval we'll need to present thorough plans, conduct extensive surveys of the structure to assess the extent of its current decay, and we have to promote the project to find the funds that will take it all the way through to its final stages.


Here's What We Plan to Spend Your Donation on...

Online Promotion: This project is going to depend on international support. The complete cost of renovating the monument is unlikely to come from within Bulgaria alone, and so we need to promote this cause to potential sponsors all over the world. We're getting there – a year ago hardly anyone outside of Bulgaria had heard about this project, but now, it has an English-language website which is getting traffic from big news sites like CNN. All of this costs money though, so some of the incoming donations will go towards growing our online presence.

Public Events: We have already organised a number of events in Bulgaria to promote the project. These have included round table events, conferences and photography exhibitions, all aimed at building public support and persuading policymakers to join us in our fight to save the monument. While financial support could come from anywhere, the ultimate decision to preserve the site must be made at home, in Bulgaria – and so it's essential that we're winning hearts and minds here too. 

Architectural Scanning: We have access to the original architectural blueprints created for the monument by Georgi Stoilov... but we need to bring these up to date, to account for more than two decades of neglect. For this task we plan to recruit a team of specialists to conduct a thorough and extensive survey of the structure using state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning techniques. With that completed, we'll be in a very strong position to propose realistic plans for the monument's renovation.


There is much still to do... but the more support we get, the easier it becomes. So send us a donation if you can. Or subscribe for updates, tell your friends and colleagues, share the page on social media and do your part to help us spread the word.